Modular business plan

Depending on the client’s needs and preferences, we define the scope and content of the business plan. The extra project parts are also available and easy to implement. For example, a market analysis can be conducted in a short time (approx. 4 hours). Either when the market analysis and budget part are in special focus, it could take several days to conduct the appropriate in-depth research.

Prices for individual business plans usually range between CHF 2’650 – 5’500, but also can be significantly higher in premium category.  This depends on the business plan purpose and size. Once the scope of works has been defined, the price is considered to be fixed. If during the project, arises the other requests that are not covered by the initial agreement, they can be implemented for an additional fee.

Since such business plans are usually tailor-made, the communication between a client and us during the project deserves a special attention. Generally, we our clients receive an offer with different variations and detail levels, one of which can be freely selected. Extra option can also be easily added to the selected offer as well as time budget allocation.

Modular business plan from CHF 2650 with details on content and time required

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