[title title=”Production relocation” heading=”5″]

Currently, many companies move their production capacities to cheaper locations to save on costs.  Such shifts or movements of the production naturally influence the whole company. With an integrated financial plan, indirect effects and consequences can be captured long before they become visible. This way, countermeasures (e.g. further funding, extensions of current credit limits) can be planned in advance.

After the shocking situation involving the Franc in January, 2015, it was clear that many companies could not evaluate the influence of Franc appreciation, as it involves several factors. The planning of the possible relocation of production or partnership is a long-term matter. A better means of planning, allowing alternatives to be explored, does not exist.

[title title=”Restructure” heading=”5″]

The same approach as in production relocation is valid for restructuring as well. When an amount of services or products is reduced, it certainly has effect on the company. Very often, companies underestimate the effects in quantification, which usually is the consequence of the neglecting of the indirect effects.