Infographics: Coronavirus Exponential Growth

Dieser Businessplan besteht aus einem qualitativen Teil (Geschäftskonzept) und einem quantitativen Teil (Finanzplan resp. Planrechnungen).

Have a look at our latest info graph depicting the latest numbers of coronavirus cases: Total confirmed cases, new confirmed cases, total suspected cases, new suspected cases. The graph is constantly updated with the latest information available.

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Update with prediction of new and total cases

Forecast as per 3 February of coronavirus cases according to our prediction model. Our statisticians predict a further exponential growth for the next week. After that, the predictions have a high prediction error. If the virus spreads to countries with an underdeveloped health system (e.g. Africa or South East Asia), the development could turn to super-exponential growth.

UPDATE as per 13 March:
One week later we see that our predictions have been quite accurate.

Number of Coronavirus Cases in China 13032020

Coronavirus - Prediction of new and total cases