Financial Projections (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement) often form the heart of a business plan and require special attention. However, the creation of this part of the business plan is often where companies encounter the most challenges.

The creation of financial projections involves the following main phases:

    1. Identification of Value Drivers (Input for the Financial Plan)
    2. Development of the Financial Model
    3. Presentation of Key Inputs and Outputs

What should be considered when creating financial projections?

Consistency and comprehensibility of the numbers

Plausibility of the forecasts

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Adaptation to the specificities of the business operations

Flexibility while maintaining a robust structure

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Integral financial projections

Our expert team creates customised business plans of any level of complexity, tailored to the requirements and desires of our customers. The above criteria are consistently taken into account during the creation process. We do not work with universal templates but build the model based on the input data provided by our clients.

Watch our video guide on our financial plan (German)

Do you need a business assessment or an additional financial analysis (scenario, break-even, sensitivity analysis, etc.)?

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