Revision and review

Have you already created parts of a business plan or are you planning to create some sections on your own? However, are you seeking support from an expert who can assist you or provide guidance?

In general, we advise against starting a business plan without a clear plan and then having an expert complete it for you. We have written about this in our blog (last paragraph):

«Wieviel in einen Businessplan investieren?»

Business plan review procedure

If you still find yourself in such a situation, we recommend the following approach: We will conduct a review of your existing business plan and subsequently provide feedback on areas that can be further optimised. We provide these services on an hourly basis. Depending on the scope of the business plan, this usually takes between 2 and 4 hours. We can provide you with the exact time estimate after receiving the document.

As a result, we will highlight areas with room for improvement. Ultimately, two different options are available to further perfect your business plan. You can make adjustments to your business plan based on our recommendations or entrust these tasks to the professional hands of our team.

Ablauf der Businessplanprüfung
Zusätzliche Ergänzungen zu den Businessplänen

Extra enhancements to business plans

In addition to business plan reviews, we can also undertake the following tasks:

  • Creation of individual sections (often the creation of the financial plan)
  • Improved presentation of the business plan or pitch deck
  • Restructuring for better organization
  • Research on specific sections

Since such tasks are always customised based on the customer’s preferences, they are exclusively carried out on an hourly basis as agreed upon with the customer.