Pitch deck: presentation for startups

Although the classic business plan is still the basis for the successful search for investors, there are other forms of how a business idea can be presented. A frequently seen method is a pitch deck. It makes sense to use the pitch deck if the presentation time is very limited or if this form is explicitly required.

Especially with venture capital or Anglo-Saxon investors, the presentation via pitch deck is a preferred variant. Once you have created a positive first impression and aroused interest, the investors will also be ready to fight their way through the detailed business plan.

In a good pitch deck, information should be presented concisely, clearly, and succinctly, with the number of slides typically ranging between 10 and 15. Usually, a pitch deck is structured as follows:

logo problem und lösung

The Problem and its solution

Das Wichtigste zum Produkt

The most important things about the product


Business model

Ihr Team

Your team

finanzierungsbedarf und -verwendung

Funding needs and budget structure

logo wettbewerb


zielgruppe und marktpotential

Target group and market potential

We support you in the creation or further development of your presentations in such a way that they look professional and leave a lasting impression.

Below is an example of an anonymized pitch deck, which we created for a customer from the Health care. It was used to present the business idea to potential investors.

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