The procedure of creating an individual business plan

We create an offer for You

You choose a variant and make a pre-payment (50%)

You fill out the online form

We contact You

Needs assessment

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We create a first individual information request for Your business model (qualitative part)

We create a second individual information request for your business model (financial section)

You are involved in the creation process through further inquiries and close cooperation

Creation of a business plan

We create the business concept and the budget calculations for you

If necessary, we contact you with further questions

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You receive an extract from Your business plan

You receive the full version of Your business plan

You give us Your final feedback

We incorporate Your feedback and complete the project

You make the final payment (50%)*

Feedback round and project completion

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Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3

* For larger (modular) business plans, the final payment can be charged before the start of the financial model. In this case, the customer will receive the invoice for the final payment along with an excerpt from the qualitative part of the business plan.

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Allow enough time!

The process of making a business plan usually takes 2-3 weeks
or more for bigger business plans.