Choosing the Business Plan

Are you having difficulty deciding on an option from our wide range of business plans that best suits your needs? With the decision-making aid below, you can find the optimal variant for your specific case.

Choose the appropriate level for each of the three criteria, “investment amount”, “cost of the business plan”, and “purpose of the business plan”. As a result, you will receive recommended business plan variants from us that are a perfect match for your needs. The criterion “cost of the business plan” refers to your subjective choice of whether you are willing to spend more or less on a business plan.

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Сompact offer

Our pricing models are suitable for smaller standardized financial and business plans. Often simplified financial plan or a short business concept are in fact sufficient to meet current requirements. For example, such documents mix is more than enough for:

  • Commercial property rentals
  • Insight into business operations
  • Gross analysis
  • Franchising and suppliers / customers
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Modular Business plans

Our modular business plans are named as such because the combination of content detail can be freely chosen with a specific graphic depth. Upon request, individual chapters can also be customised, meaning that if certain sections are of particular importance to you, they can be added or expanded (and reduced accordingly in the opposite case).

Customise Content Details and Design Level

Fill out the quotation request form, and you will receive a quote from us with 16 combinations of content and design. These 16 combinations result from choosing among 4 levels of content detail (1-4) and 4 design levels (A-D).

Content depth   Profi Premium
Target Design Fokus
a b c d
Graphic depth


If you want to present yourself and your project in the best light possible, the combinations of 3C, 3D, 4C, and 4D are the choices to consider. This option is worthwhile when dealing with substantial investment amounts and/or when your project needs to stand out from the crowd. These variants combine in-depth content with tailored and elegant graphics. Regarding the financial plan (including analyses) and graphic presentation, these are the most professional business plans currently available in the Swiss market.


Do you need an affordable business plan, including a professional financial model and custom design, that you can use for various purposes? It’s not always sensible to choose the premium option, especially when the investment volume is not very high or you have a limited budget for the business plan.


Do you need substantial content depth, well-thought-out analyses, and a financial plan that can impress experienced finance professionals, including investors and banks? Then combinations 3A, 3B, and 4B are the optimal choices for you because professional investors often focus on the numbers and are less influenced by graphics.

Design Focus

If your business concept should take center stage, and you also want to use it for other purposes, then variants 1C, 1D, 2C, and 2D are suitable for you. This option is especially suitable for business plans with complex business models, particularly for investor presentations, franchisees, or partnership searches. Our business plans are designed in a way that the business concept (the first part) can be separated, so you can present this part separately to a partner if needed. Accordingly, the focus is on graphic refinement (although higher levels of content detail can also be chosen). The number of graphic elements and infographics is higher, and they are tailored even more individually.

Design of the Business Plan

Once a business plan, consisting of the business concept and financial plan, is created, it is revised by our graphic designer:

  • Designing the cover page
  • Graphic refinement of the content
  • Formatting and placement of text in the report
  • Graphic presentation of quantitative data (tables, charts, and infographics)
  • Preparation of the appendix (including financial projections)

Example of business plans →

icon businessplan design option A gif

Design A

icon businessplan design option B gif

Design B

icon businessplan design option C gif

Design C

icon businessplan design option D gif

Design D


The most commonly chosen combinations range in cost from CHF 2,700 to CHF 6,600. Of course, combinations with prices lower or higher than this range can also be selected. Ultimately, you decide how much you want to invest in the business plan; you can get more details in the quotation. In our blog, you can find further information on the topic “How much to invest in a business plan“.

For cost calculation, we use an estimation of hours multiplied by our hourly rates; however, it results in a fixed price after the estimation. Items billed based on actual hours worked are clearly indicated in the estimation. You can find our attractive hourly rates here.

Modular business plan

ab CHF 2’650

Suitable for:

  • Search for financing (bank loan, investors, sponsors)
  • Planning tool or search for partners
  • Internal analysis

You will receive:

  • Detailed description of the business concept
  • Marketing- and competitor analysis at your discretion
  • Detailed individual financial plan
  • Description of the financial plan assumptions
  • Different additional analyses at your discretion


  • Individual design (design level is selectable)


  • PDF with the business plan
modular-business-plan-from-2650-chf_example only


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Offerte für modulare Businesspläne kostenlos anfordern!

Hourly rates

Our hourly rates vary depending on the project and the complexity of the tasks, ranging from

CHF 70 120 per Hour

Hourly rates charged by other providers for equivalent quality typically start at around CHF 150 and can go up to approximately CHF 250.

Read the article: “How much to invest in a business plan?

Comparison of hourly rates in business planning in CHF

bsuinessplan-pro und andere treuhänder preisvergleich (70-100 chf)