How do I receive my business plan?

First, you fill out the online form on our website. After reviewing your request, we will send you our free quote by email (please also check your spam folder). You choose an option and make a deposit (50%). You can find the entire process detailed here: Procedure

If needed, additional questions can be discussed over the phone. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

When do I pay for my business plan?

We begin the project upon receipt of a 50% deposit of the project amount. Unless otherwise agreed, the final project result will only be handed over or delivered after full payment of the entire project amount. The remaining balance (project amount minus deposit) is due before project completion. In any case, the remaining balance must be settled no later than 6 months after the project begins.

How long does it take to create the business plan?

The processing time depends on your response time (to our information requests) and our team’s workload, as well as the project’s size. Creating a business plan typically takes about 2 to 3 weeks after receiving all the necessary information. For larger projects, it may take longer. Keep in mind that there may be multiple follow-up questions, for example, with incomplete information or if there are issues with liquidity in the financial projections.

How quickly can we start with the creation?

We typically start the creation process when we receive a deposit in our account. In situations where our capacity is limited due to high demand, we prioritize business plans where the deposit is received first.

What information do you need from me?

We will send you several information requests in stages that you should fill out. An overview of our process with detailed steps is provided here: Procedure

Please plan enough time for this stage! The information requests are relatively detailed (more detailed for larger business plans). The request for the financial plan, in particular, may include points that you may not have considered before.

If I need a business plan for an existing company, how are the previous financial results used, if at all?

When we start working on your business plan, we will request all available financial information, including annual financial statements. We will combine these financial statements with the information provided in the completed information request to create the financial projections.

For existing companies, it’s usually advisable to choose the “modular business plan” option, as the compact version may not offer enough flexibility in the financial projections when historical financial data is involved.

How is communication with Businessplan-pro.ch conducted?

We prioritise modern digital communication channels and use electronic communication wherever possible (Skype, email, conference calls, etc.) as it allows for faster and more efficient project management. This process has been optimised over the years and works very well.

I want a personal meeting to discuss the proposal.

We do not offer physical meetings before the actual order confirmation since we consider communication as part of the project. After order confirmation, we offer in-person meetings at an additional cost. However, based on several years of experience, initial meetings at the start of the project often may not be very fruitful. It’s more meaningful, if necessary, to have a meeting to discuss the results or for further consultation regarding financing.

We can, however, discuss the proposal with you over the phone. Please feel free to contact us for that.

I want to make certain changes to the financial data or modifications to the content of the business plan, but the business plan is still in the process of being created. Can I still make my change requests?

Once we receive the completed information requests, we develop a financial model and the corresponding business plan. If we receive the information early, it can be implemented without any issues. However, as the business plan creation progresses, making changes can become more challenging and may involve additional charges.

This additional effort should not be underestimated. If, for example, an input factor in the financial plan is adjusted, many numbers in the financial plan change, affecting all future years. Graphics may change, and in extreme cases, even the conclusions may change. For these reasons, we recommend bringing any potential changes early or indicating uncertain inputs that may change (in which case we would wait to create that part).

Can I update the created business plan with new information after the project is completed?

If conditions change over time, and you need to make adjustments to the business plan that we have already created, you can always contact us even after the project is completed to update the business plan with the latest information. The cost for this will be based on the actual time required. If you are proficient in using InDesign and have received the original file from us, you can also make the adjustments yourself.


Which option from the service portfolio suits me best?

Für einen Vermieter, Lieferanten, kleine Bankkredite oder grobe Analysen reicht in der Regel das Kompakt-Angebot aus. Wir empfehlen hier grundsätzlich die Variante «Standard». For a landlord, supplier, small bank loans, or rough analyses, the Compact offering is generally sufficient. We generally recommend the “Standard” variant in this category. However, if you are seeking investors or larger bank loans, want additional analyses in your business plan, or want to make a strong first impression on your business partners, then the Modular Business Plan is best suited to your requirements. When creating a “modular” business plan, we focus on individual design, a detailed presentation of the business concept, and in-depth analyses. The criteria are summarized in the following blog article: «Wieviel in einen Businessplan investieren»

What is the difference between the Compact offering and the Modular Business Plan?

The name “Modular Business Plan” comes from the fact that various parts (“modules”) can be assembled modularly. You are completely free in terms of scope and content. The difference between the Compact offering and the modular offering includes the following:

  1. In the qualitative part of the modular business plan, the business concept is presented in more detail.
  2. In the modular business plan, we present the assumptions for the financial part in more detail, while the Compact offering only presents the most important assumptions in the form of an infographic.
  3. The financial model of the modular business plan is created in more detail, and it can be tailored to individual special situations more precisely.
  4. For a Compact offering, we have developed a standardized design. For a modular business plan, we always create a unique design.

Is company valuation conducted as part of the business plan creation? Is it even possible?

When creating the financial projections, we simultaneously establish the basis for the Free Cash Flows, which can be used for a DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) valuation. However, a company valuation itself is not included in the standard offerings because it requires additional analysis and determining the cost of capital. Upon request, we are happy to create a company valuation. You can have this company valuation either in addition to the business plan or separately from us.

In what format will I receive my business plan?

You will receive your business plan in digital format (PDF file). This PDF is also suitable for printing. We create the business plan in InDesign. For clients who are proficient in using InDesign, we provide the original file for download. The financial model, unless otherwise agreed upon, remains with us and is not handed over. There is an option to receive the (partially locked) financial model (see the offer).

Can I have my business plan created in English?

We also offer our clients the option to create the business plan in English. In this case, we typically add a 15% surcharge to the price as we have the business plan professionally corrected or translated by a professional.


How much does it cost to create a business plan?

For the Compact offering, the price is fixed and varies from CHF 990 to 1,990 (excluding VAT). For modular business plans, prices start at approximately CHF 2,700. The price ultimately depends on the intended use, project size, and the chosen level of detail.

Is the quoted price in the offer a fixed price or an estimate of hours?

It is a fixed price. The cost estimate in the offer is provided on an hourly basis (also to give you an impression of the effort per item), but the final price is typically fixed. There are certain options where items (e.g., in the modular business plan, the “Communication Expenses” item) are calculated based on actual effort. The reason for this is that more extensive business plans may require more intensive communication, and this approach offers greater flexibility. The estimated effort for the “Communication Expenses” item is generally sufficient.

Why are the hourly rates much cheaper than those of comparable professional providers?

  1. Our processes are innovative and efficient in several ways. For example, we consistently use digital communication methods, allowing us to minimize downtime and split individual work processes more effectively.
  2. Another cost factor is customer acquisition. Every customer meeting that does not lead to a project incurs costs—costs that need to be passed on to paying customers. By keeping these costs low and consistently avoiding customer meetings before the project begins, we can better focus our efforts on existing customers.

Do you also connect with investors or have contacts with investors?

Yes, we do have such contacts. However, we do not actively broker these connections. We create over a hundred business plans each year, which would exceed our capacity for direct matchmaking. Our specialisation is in business plan creation, and simultaneously acting as a financing intermediary would jeopardise our independence. Combining financing and business plan creation is not optimal because the purpose of the business plan is to persuade those who provide financing. By acting in the best interests of our clients (rather than those of financiers), an honest exchange can occur during the business plan creation.

I don't have the money to create a business plan, but I would offer Businessplan-pro.ch a stake in the company.

We believe you may be underestimating the financing needs of your future business and strongly advise you to first build up a financial cushion. If you don’t have the funds for a business plan, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to sustain your business. We do not generally accept equity stakes in customer projects.

I would offer Businessplan-pro.ch a success-based compensation if I succeed in securing financing.

We create business plans and do not participate in financing in any form. Accordingly, we are at most advisory in financing processes. The costs of our work are based on the estimated effort for creating the business plan. Furthermore, we support you to the best of our knowledge and abilities on the path to success. We generally reject contracts with success-based compensation (or as payments in company shares).