We make business plan according to your needs. It does not matter for us whether it is a brief business plan for a landlord (property owner) or an extensive one for the investor’s acquisition. We can also take care of individual parts of a business plan that you cannot or do not want to make on your own. In any case, our approach is individual and we work in a close contact with you.

A business plan consists of two parts, the business concept and the financial plan. Both parts are graphically revised and brought in the form of a report. Besides that, a pitch deck can also be prepared.

Business concept

The business concept is a qualitative part of a business plan that describes a “business story” of a company. This part can consist of:

  • Business idea description
  • Purpose, organization, management
  • Services/range of offers description
  • Target groups definition
  • Marketing/Distribution
  • Positioning
  • Market analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • SWOT analysis

Financial plan

The financial plan is a quantitative part of a business plan that describes a future financial success of the business idea. This part can consist of:

  • Financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement)
  • Description of the assumptions about the financial plan
  • Capital requirements/capital planning
  • Liquidity planning
  • Scenario analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Break-even analysis
  • Ratio analysis
  • Financial analysis

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Graphic and visual design is often an underestimated aspect of business idea presentation. A professional look of a business plan can be achieved with:

  • Company colors report design
  • Good quality images to visualize your business idea
  • Infographics and graphical elements
  • Textual content minimization

Pitch Deck

Sometimes your business idea has to be introduced in the form of a brief presentation. This practice is mostly popular with venture capital and Anglo-Saxon investors. For this reason, a pitch deck is a perfect solution that is commonly developed in addition to the business plan as a summary in a form of a presentation.